Firstly, let’s demystify Customer Experience (CX), that is more than just another buzzword. The CX is above all a journey and represents a holistic perception of experiences that a customer has of every interaction with a business. It refers to all the emotions and feelings felt by a customer before, during and after the purchase of a product or a service.


These interactions can be online (bank’s website, mobile app, social networks…) and offline/physical (direct contact with a counselor, with agencies or point of sales…).


Driven by digital transformation initiatives, Customer Experience (CX) is often reduced to User Experience (UX), focusing only on an experience that a user has while interacting with online tools (for example when subscribing a product/service online). It implicates designing the perfect online user journey and perfect User Interfaces (UI).


Unfortunately, all other “not-online” aspects of client experience are neglected. An excellent UX does not necessary lead to the overall excellent CX.

















Here are some of the major CX challenges that financial institutions (mainly banks & insurance companies) are facing:


  • Meet the expectations of increasingly demanding consumers.Customers seek the right service at the right time and in the right place. They are challenging offers online and demand more transparency.


  • Improve the customer satisfaction. However, satisfying all customers is a mission impossible and the targets should be carefully chosen.


  • Strengthen loyalty and transforming these satisfied customers into committed ambassadors.


  • A good CX is essential to improve and strengthen the company’s reputation and instill confidence.


  • At the end, as the result, customer experience drives a business growth and allows a financial institution to better stand out from the competition.



It might seem simple, however improving the overall customer experience has a huge impact on the internal organization, redesigning Front to Back processes to provide a better customer experience.








  • Adopt an omnichannel customer experience!


A CX happens at each point of contact (online & offline)! It is very important, especially in the case of traditional banks, to rethink this experience as a whole and adopt a hybrid “phygital” approach, offering a perfect mix of digital & physical experience.

Certainly, it is important to rethink the UX and make easier an online subscription of a product/service, provide a transparent journey and a personalized offer adapted to client’s needs.


However, it is even more important to rethink the experience as a whole, including the experience that a client may have in an agency for example or via chat with a Customer Service.



  • Focus on an entire cycle of the experience


CX starts with a discovering phase, it is a story that begins before the device is even in the user’s hands!

It does not end only with a purchase act.



  • Create a personalized relationship


It is one of the fundamental keys of a good CX. Get to know and understand your customers to be able to offer a personalized experience and relationship.


It is hard to make any predictive analysis, redesign and improve customer journey or customize the offer if you lack knowledge of customer data (inexistent, incomplete, lacking KPIs, difficult to access or scattered across the various departments/BU).


  • Create a human, emotional, lasting, transparent and trustful relationship with customer


Reconciling human and digital is quite possible!

If you want to design perfect customer experience, put yourself in the shoes of a customer and include them in you brainstorming and testing of new journeys.



  • Forget about silos and internal organization problems, or a « tool » and « product » approach


A good product is not enough, and internal organizational problems should not be visible to the customer.

Offer a harmonized journey between products / services, without interruptions. Think of the company’s image as a whole and not just the sale of an individual product / service or only the online part of the journey.


Above all, creating a perfect CX is a result of a teamwork and it involves all the stakeholders of the Front to Back value chain (product owners, digital specialists, distribution network, IT…).


The problems of adhesion and/or ownership are often an issue:

    • Either one department is in charge of the CX, resulting the non-adhesion from the rest of the employees.
    • Or the CX is everyone’s business, but lacks coordination and does not have an « owner.Therefore, finding the perfect governance and the organization is crucial to really embed the customer experience in the values on the company level.


  • A good Employee Experience (EX) is essential for a good Customer Experience: do not forget to recruit, train, involve and (really) take care of your employees. Use technology to optimize and automate certain tasks, leaving employees enough time to take care of their customers, focusing thus on their core business and their real added value.






CX designer is often seen as a very rare “creature” and a unique hybrid of UX and Customer Success. What soft and hard skills you need to focus on if you’re searching for the perfect CX designer?


  • He/she focuses on the big / holistic picture and all the touch points between the company and its customers, and understands the customer’s entire journey, his entire experience.


  • CX designer is able to work hand in hand with Product teams (Product Owners), customer/care service, UX designer, sales teams, support services (middle and back office), IT department, Data team… Combining people, data, processes and technology, he/she is able to design the unique customer experience.​


  • CX designer masters the various hard and soft skills, methodologies and tools (change management, Design thinking, Agile, Personae, User Stories, Empathy map, AB testing…) and masters tools (such as mural or miro…).


  • The Customer is in the center of his/her attention, not a product or a service​.





If you want to find out more about CX challenges in financial industry, or if you’re in a search of perfect CX designer, do not hesitate to contact us!



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